Promote your new single release or existing tracks on Spotify with a short looping video.

New listeners to your music are more likely to engage and keep streaming when they see a Canvas video.

Tracks that get shared from the Spotify app to Insta stories will show the canvas loop in the background.

Prices start at £120 per video and usually have a 48-36hr delivery from start date.

Here are some examples of Spotify Canvas Videos we have created.


Canvas Videos can run between 3 to 8 seconds.

Consider content that is simple and has only a handful of shots.

Seamless loops work best as this 8sec video will loop through the whole length of your track.

You can include Canvases to all the tracks on your album building a narrative throughout.

Canvases can also be updated or changed to something completely different anytime.

Get in touch to discus your canvas ideas.