Colour Correction and Grading Services

Colour Grading and Correction services for all types of Filmmakers. Features, Short Films, Commercials, Online Content, Music Videos, Documentaries and Corporate content.
Bring your footage to life and enhance your story through colour.
We use DaVinci Resolve’s flexible toolset for Colour Grading work, Editing and FX workflow. Adobe Premieres Lumetri Color Tools are also available for clients who prefer to keep their projects within an Adobe pipeline.


What is the difference between Colour Correction and Colour Grading?

Colour Correction is the process in which we make adjustments to the footage to bring it into cohesion with other shots and other cameras that may have been used throughout production.
It is also used to bring out more information from flat profiles that are frequently used when filming. For example SLog.
Colour Grading is the process in which the visual tone of the film is changed. This takes place after colour correction as the shots are now balanced. More often than not this is where the film gets its look and tone. This is especially noticeable on feature films and tv dramas.

Videography & Editing Services

The majority of our editing service is for short form content.
Social media videos, music videos, promotional content, interviews, short films and documentaries.